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Compact Crowning Attachment

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compact rubber roller crowning attachment

Typical Crown Profles

  • 10Hp Motor

  • Adjustable Speed

  • Other Voltages

  • Profile Compensation

  • Spanish, French, and Other Languages Available

  • Swing-Arm Mounted Controls


• Easy to Install •
• Versatile • Affordable •
• Accurate •
• Simple to Operate •

The PROSCO Inc. Compact Crowning Attachment is an innovative attachment for lathes, which provides a versatile, simple to operate, accurate, and affordable solution for fully electronic crowning of rollers. This electronically controlled attachment produces all crown profiles used by the rubber and urethane roller industry, and offers taper compensation.

rubber roller compact crowning attachment

Optional Swing-Arm Mounted Controls

rubber roller compact crowning attachment

Modern Touch Screen Interface Panel



  • 14mm (1/2") Max Crown

  • 7.5Hp Motor Standard

  • 250-300mm (10-12") Diameter Wheels

  • Rear or Front Mounting

  • 220/460V 3ph

  • Taper Compensation

  • Metric and English Units

  • Encoder

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