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Laser Inspection System

For Rollers


This system was designed by PROSCO Inc. for the purpose of inspecting the diameter profiles of rubber/polyurethane covered rollers, and metal rollers.

The system can also measure roundness and run-out, if the roller can be rotated during measurement. Depending on the size of roller, it uses either 1 or 2 laser micrometers to measure the diameter. It is designed to be portable, and easily mountable to any lathe or grinder.

It can also be permanently mounted to one inspection station. In addition, the system can also be used as a helpful tool in leveling lathes, by enabling scanning of a wire stretched between the centers of a lathe.

As the lasers move along the roller, they measure the diameter at a rate of 2400 samples per second. The measurements are averaged at 512 samples to improve accuracy.


Basic system components are:

  • 2 sets of laser micrometers with stainless steel covers

  • Micrometer controller box

  • Mounting system for mounting on lathe or grinder

  • Notebook computer

  • Data analysis/reporting software

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