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Rubber Extruders

Italmatic MRC 90 Roller Converting Extruder

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PROSCO Inc. is proud to represent the Italmatic line of strip builders.

PROSCO Inc. is the exclusive distributor and service provider of the Italmatic strip builders in USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America.

These quality machines are made in Italy, and represent many years of Italmatic’s expertise in building machinery for the rubber industries.

The MRC 90 machine efficiently extrudes and wraps rubber onto rollers, with a quality extruder traveling on a platform, and bed with a driving head stock and movable tailstock.



  • Larger Diameter and Length

  • Computerized Control of the Rubberizing

Italmatic MRC 90

Roller Converting Extruder:

The MRC 90 comes with complete electric, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and is delivered ready for commissioning. Works with 18-92 Shore A hardness Rubber, Silicone and Ebonite.



  • 770 Lbs. (350 Kg) / Hr. Average Output

  • 3.5" (90mm) Extruder Screw with 17 Diameter Length

STANDARD MRC 90 Roller Capacity:

  • 1.2" (30mm) Min. Diameter 39.7" (1000mm) Max. Diameter

  • 4" (100mm) Min. Length 20' (6000mm) Max. Length

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